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The DOLZAMET Chains Factory Ltd. is one of the major producers of conveyor, roller, agricultural, plate link, special and custom-made chains in Europe. The factory was established in 1946. As a result of business development and specialization, carried out in 1986, has been a rapid development of production chains, which is currently the company's core business.

Conducting policy-oriented success on the market has forced us to introduce the ISO quality management system. With a highly skilled and experienced staff, it is possible to implement more recent processes in the production chains based on the latest global technologies.

The DOLZAMET Chains Factory Ltd
allows with its modern and high performance machining slots to obtain high quality and reliability of the final product. Our own technical facilities and research laboratories ensure an assessment of the quality of products. Chains produced by the factory are consistent with the PN, ISO, DIN and ANSI standards.

We welcome all customers, suppliers and traders to make use of our wide range of manufactured chains, which allows a reliable operation of machinery and other equipment at low costs.

Chains produced by Dolzamet meet the standards of ISO 9001:2008 and distinguished by the following characteristics:
- The production of parts used cutting-edge technology and the most durable steels heat treated (hardening)
- Details chains have the highest accuracy of the terms of dimensions and geometry (fine blanking presses SMG Feintool)
- Chains are mounted on a modern machine mounting
- Have the highest tensile strength and have a long life in service.
- With existing laboratory, using a spectrometer make the chemical composition of each test sample of the material supplied to the production.
- Carry out the testing the hardness of metals; providing an essential feature of susceptibility to deformation of the surface


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