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We would like to offer you our services metal heat treatment in areas such as:
-improving the thermal
-drawing the temper

This all of the above processes, in addition to tempering, run in a protective atmosphere.

Process parameters:

-the minimum weight of contribution - 20kg.
-all items with the max. length of 350mm.
-max. temperature: 950 ° C - tempering, 520 º C - drawing the temper.

Full automation of the process in our pusher furnaces and associated with this high performance device provides the use of competitive prices for services performed under the highest quality.
To maintain the competitiveness of our services, we are gradually improving them. Achieving this goal is also the basis for ensuring that work with our business leadership in the market.
Our prices are determined in each case depending on the number of elements provided by our clients and the type of treatment.
Should you require further information to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify the details of the special offer for you.
Our services heat treatment is carried out in:
-pusher furnaces KSES type-1, AICHELIN
-high tempering furnaces DLR

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- polish
   e-mail: handel@dolzamet.pl
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