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In connection with the development of our company and the associated start-up of a modern galwanizer machine execution of the service we offer zinc plating ( galvanizing ).
This process involves applying zinc coatings using the latest generation machine. Elements subjected to galvanizing are immersed in electrolytic cells on hangers.
The maximum working volume of bathtubs is: 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 [m].

Used in the baths "
acid" are carried out by a chemical technologies Schlötter factory. Conforms to the requirements of environmental protection by using a colorless passivation without the use of Cr+6.
Galvanizing requires the use of water, so in order to preserve the environment and high requirements set by the regulatory bodies, the line was equipped with modern sewage treatment plant.
We approach each client individually, and the price is determined in each case depending on the characteristics of elements provided by the Member for galvanizing .

The basic parameters are:

       - Size and weight of items,
       - Thickness of the zinc coating,
       - Durability requirements coating
       - The state of the surface before galvanizing,
       - The variety of elements and the frequency of changes in assortment
       - The number of elements of galvanizing.


Full automation of the process and the associated high performance equipment ensure that the competitive price for the service rendered in the highest quality.
Our galvanizing
service meets the highest standards. To maintain the competitiveness of our services gradually improve them. Achieving this goal is also key to ensuring companies cooperating with us a leading position in the market.

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galvanizing pricing
If You are interested in galvanizing service then Contact us.
Pricing depends on the details of the contract,
we will be happy to explain all the details of the phone.

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